​​Salador Dali Salad

A delightful fresh salad made with a variety of greens, apple, tomato, red cabbage, cucumber, carrots, zucchini, squash, celery and cranberries (pecans by request) - 8.99

Salad Dressings (served on the side)
Raspberry Vinaigrette, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, French, or Italian

Salador Dali Salad with Salmon
Fresh Salmon broiled with an apricot-coconut glaze atop our delightful fresh Salador Dali salad (pecans by request) - 13.99

Salmon Sonata Wrap
Fresh apricot-coconut glazed Broiled Salmon with an accompaniment of tossed salad, tomato and a light drizzle of Jackie’s Dressing w/chips & pickle - 12.99

Raphael’s Renaissance Chicken Salad
Made-from-scratch chicken salad with apples, Served on choice of sandwich bread or in a wrap w/chips & pickle - 8.99

Renaissance Dali
Chicken Salad atop the Salador Dali Salad - 9.99

Pablo Picasso Tuna Collage
A medley of Tuna and special seasonings topped with red grapes. Served in sandwich or wrap; w/chips & pickle - 8.99

Picasso Tuna Dali
Tuna Salad atop the Salador Dali Salad - 9.99

The Jimmy”
Hot Italian style chicken breast sandwich grilled with two cheeses, bacon & tomato; on Italian bread, w/chips & pickle - 8.99

Chip’s Pork
Slow-cooked pulled-pork sandwich grilled with cheese and tomato, w/chips - 8.99

Red’s Tuna/Bacon Melt
A grilled double-cheese sandwich with tuna, bacon, tomato w/chips 8.99

Hot Vivaldi Vegetable Wrap
Our flavorful composition of rice, mixed vegetables, greens. Drizzle of Balsamic Vinaigrette, grilled with cheese & mayo, served w/chips & pickle - 9.99

Punchinello Grilled Chicken Wrap
Our flavorful composition of Hot Grilled Chicken, Mixed Salad & Tomato w/chips - 8.99

Grilled Cheese B&T
Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomato on choice of potato, whole wheat, Italian or gluten/free bread, Served with chips & pickle - 7.99

Plane-o Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese served w/chips and pickle - 5.99

Bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted sandwich bread w/chips & pickle 7.99

Sibelius Finlandia Spinach & Bacon Quiche
Served with side salad, lingonberries and chips & pickle - 9.99

Chicago Dog
All-Beef Hot Dog w/ relish, chopped onions, tomato, pickle, sport peppers and mustard

Detroit Coney
Chili Dog made with Vienna all beef chili, chopped onion and mustard

Raspberry Sweet Tea or Fresh-Brewed Unsweet Tea - 1.89

Fountain Drinks: Root Beer, Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite - 1.89

Hot Tea (assorted teabags) - 1.25 per bag; Bottled Water - 1.25

Jackie's Art Café is honored to provide for you some of the finest coffee varieties in the world thanks to

ETHOS, new to Polk County, imports & roasts specialty organic coffees in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

ETHOS Regular or Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee - 2.50 (Limited Refills)

ETHOS Packaged Coffees also available

ETHOS Iced Coffee (Regular or Decaf) - 2.50

ETHOS Iced Café Mocha Frijiatto
A Blend of Sweet chilled ETHOS coffee & milk chocolate, poured over frozen coffee cubes with a whipped cream and cocoa dust cap - 4.25


Dessert of the Day 4.00 a La Mode, add 1.00

Desserts (made fresh daily) frequently include Chocolate Hazelnut Cake; Pecan Cranberry Pie;

Blueberry Bread Pudding; Chocolate Cappuccino Cake - and more (lots more ...)

Prices and menu items subject to change without notice.

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Hand-dipped Ice Cream

Cake Cone or Bowl - 3.00         Ice Cream Sundae - 4.25         Milkshake - 4.25


Jackie's Menu

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Hot Diggity Dogs!!!

Served during lunch only

​Hot Dog Special includes drink and chips 6.99

We take pride in preparing our fresh, premium quality ingredients